Steve Staruch

Featuring the Copenhagen Classical Music Festival and Oslo Chamber Music Festival!

Summer in Scandinavia 2024

Join YourClassical MPR host Steve Staruch and fellow classical music lovers to experience the Nordic world of fjords, castles, glaciers, and the legacy of the Vikings on this Minnesota Public Radio and Earthbound Expeditions adventure. Travel by train, ferry, and coach through Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Ride the world's most scenic railway lines to Bergen, tour Danish castles and palaces and attend the Oslo and Copenhagen classical music festivals. See the Danish crown jewels, preserved Viking ships and the warship Vasa, rescued after more than 300 years on the bottom of Stockholm harbor. To top it off, you’ll be treated to a performance at the home of Edvard Grieg in Bergen. This 12-day Minnesota Public Radio classical Scandinavia journey has it all!

with YourClassical MPR Host Julie Amacher

A classical music adventure featuring TWO world-class music festivals!

European Music Festivals 2024

Journey to Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Prague and attend the world-renowned Dresden and Prague Spring Music Festivals. Enjoy recitals in Bach's church in Leipzig in honor of his 300th Anniversary and experience a recital in the home of Clara and Robert Schumann. This trip is a classical music lover's dream!

With YourClassical MPR Host Melissa Ousley

Minnesota Public Radio and the Minnesota Orchestra's classical music adventure along the beautiful Seine River

Classical Paris to Normandy Cruise (WAITLIST STARTED)

WAIT LIST STARTED! It's April in Paris and we're inviting you to join friends and fans of YourClassical Minnesota Public Radio and the Minnesota Orchestra for a customized classical music adventure along the beautiful Seine River.

With Performance Today Host Fred Child

A Classical Floating Music Festival to Provence, Burgundy and Paris

Classical Rhone Valley with Performance Today (WAIT LIST STARTED)

WAIT LIST STARTED! Colorful markets, picturesque villages and all the charms of Provence will await you with custom-crafted musical performances along the way.