Travel with MPR News Host Angela Davis

Take a trip of a lifetime to Cambodia and Vietnam

Mekong River Cruise

Set sail with MPR News Host Angela Davis on an incredible adventure through Cambodia and Vietnam along the Mekong River! Kick things off in Siem Reap, where you’ll be immersed in the mesmerizing history and culture of the Khmer empire amid the jaw-dropping Angkor Wat ruins. Then, hop aboard the luxurious RV Bassac Pandaw, a classic river ship that blends old-world charm with modern luxury, for a first-class cruise through Cambodia's hidden villages. Catch water buffalos strolling across rice fields and soak in the vibrant colors of floating markets. Your adventure wraps up at an elegant hotel in lively Saigon. Ready to make lifelong memories? Book your spot now!

Travel with Marketplace's Kimberly Adams

Enjoy the diverse culture, cuisine, history & world-famous Havana music scene

SOLD OUT! Discover Cuba

SOLD OUT! Join Kimberly Adams and a lively group of fellow music and art lovers, on a diverse and culturally-rich adventure to Havana, Cuba. Take part in the “Support for the Cuban People” travel category courtesy of Earthbound Expeditions. We’ll enjoy performances in venues scattered throughout Havana and also attend private concerts where we’ll meet the musicians.

Visit social projects aimed at helping disadvantaged youth, take salsa dance lessons from private, professional instructors, eat in private paladar restaurants to support local families and attend a special jazz workshop with Cuban musicians. Stroll the famous Malecón, wander in the picturesque historic center of Havana and ride in a classic convertible, all to the sultry sounds of Cuban jazz. Celebrate music and a diverse culture and support the Cuban people at the same time!

Travel with MPR News Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner

Explore the fabulous flora and fauna of Costa Rica

Explore Costa Rica

Escape the cold gray days of winter and join MPR meteorologist, Paul Huttner, for a very special garden adventure to sun-soaked Costa Rica! On this nine-night tropical paradise adventure you’ll discover a jungle eden unlike any other. Despite its diminutive size, Costa Rica boasts more than 9000 species of flowering plants, 800 species of ferns and, over 850 species of birds. In fact, this tiny country has more biodiversity than all of Europe or North America! Enjoy numerous visits to outstanding national parks, explore lush jungles, cloud forests, stroll along the shores of starlit beaches and view an abundance of exotic wildlife from a bridge that gently suspends you in the mist of the Cloud Forest canopy. Sultry breezes, playful monkeys, and colorful birds await you. Space is limited!

Travel with YourClassical MPR Host Melissa Ousley

Sail the Dutch canals while the tulips are in full bloom!

Holland in Bloom with MPR

Join YourClassical MPR host, Melissa Ousley, and like-minded travelers who share your passion for art, gardens, culture, history and food. Tiptoe through the tulips with a spring trip to Holland! Travel back in time to a bygone era: Holland’s 17th century Golden Age. This was a time when Dutch ships plied the Seven Seas, Rembrandt painted endless masterpieces, and merchants moved the nation’s bounty inland by canal. Gliding along Holland’s many charming waterways, you’ll visit open-air markets and picturesque towns. In addition, we will celebrate the lives of the Dutch Masters and delve into Dutch and Belgian history, taste delicious local cuisine and be treated to fields of tulips bursting with color. This tailor-made expedition is aboard the gorgeous MS Magnifique II.

Fred Child

Includes pre-cruise days in Prague during the International Spring Music Festival

Classical Danube Cruise

For over 75 years, The Prague Spring Festival has brought together some of world’s finest ensembles, and from its outset – when Leonard Bernstein was invited to make his European debut – it has proved a
staging ground for new generations of virtuoso musicians, conductors and composers. On this tailor-made classical PERFORMANCE TODAY journey, you will enjoy no less than eight fabulous classical concerts and the music of celebrated German, Austrian and Czech composers. Add in a privately chartered, 1st class cruise on the Blue Danube, Mozart’s Vienna, Beethoven, world class museums, outings to wineries and on-board live classical performances and you have a recipe for a feast for the senses.

Join PERFORMANCE TODAY host Fred Child for a classical music lover's dream trip! Space is limited.